Brunswick best bowling ball have been long known as one of the best bowling balls manufactured. The long standing reputation of being a durable, easy to handle ball that is designed with better aim in mind has led Brunswick bowling balls to the top of many bowlers preferred lists. But what is it that makes this brand so spectacular? It is the inside compilation of materials that makes them perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Each is composed of several different properties which make it unique and effective.

Pearl Coverstock

The outside of each ball s covered with a one of a kind Propel Pearl coverstock. This technology is unique to this brand and has been designed to help improve traction of the ball in the mid-lane and backend sectors. Numerous tests have been run to prove that the Propel Pearl coverstock will maintain its path even on the slicker lane surfaces of today’s bowing allies.


Brunswick bowling balls are manufactured with a Mechanical Asymmetric Core Engineering or MACE. This low RG core is designed to engage the coverstock in order to increase the balls efficiency at maintaining traction. The core has two components that make it the strongest core ever produced.

Motion of the Ball

The combination of the MACE core and Propel Pearl coverstock are two crucial parts of Brunswick bowling balls; however they are not as effective without the Evil Siege. These three components together create a bowling ball that is able to soar through slick lane terrain and increase the game of any player.


Brunswick bowling balls are designed to be lightweight so that the bowlers will maintain consistent reaction characteristics no matter which ball weight they use.

Now that you know what makes it the best, it is time to consider the best way to care for your ball. Proper ball care is important for maintaining the integrity and functionality of your balls. There are a few easy steps to follow that will help preserve your it.

Clean your Brunswick them with a ball cleaner after each use; this will help to reduce the amount of oil that is absorbed into the balls surface.
Have your ball refinished at a professional shop once per year or sooner if you feel that it has lost its like-new reaction or if it becomes tracked.
Use a rejuvenation cleaner every 50 games to help remove all built up oil from the ball and restore it to its original brilliance.

These are designed to last for decades with proper care and use. The manufacturer promises that all bowling balls are designed to be the best model possible each year. Avoid run down bowling lanes when possible to help decrease the amount of unnecessary wear and tear on your Brunswick balls.